Alix Earle is one of the most popular influencers right now. She originally blew up for her “Get Ready With Me” TikTok videos for events at the University of Miami, and she now has 5.6 million TikTok followers along with 2.9 million on Instagram. She would simply prop her phone up on her makeup table in her college apartment and start filming her getting ready routine. She talked to her audience the entire time, either about the products she was using, the event she was getting ready for, or just stuff going on in her life. They were very casual videos and it felt like she was just talking to her friends. She recently graduated, but has continued to make these Get Ready With Me videos as well as many other types of TikToks. 

Alix is the perfect example of an influencer that brands would want to establish a deal with. She has a large audience that trusts her opinion, and while she is relatable she also has a very fun life that people want to watch. She has a large influence on her audience, and I’ll admit I myself have bought multiple items that she has shown in her videos. It even became a big trend on TikTok to recreate her makeup routine, and she has gotten an incredible amount of brand deals the past year and is invited to movie premieres and brand trips. People were influenced to buy the white eyeliner she uses, her favorite mascara and bronzer, as well as many other products she loves. 

Advertising strategies have clearly changed a lot over the past couple of decades. What used to just be posters, TV commercials and newspaper ads has turned into 15 second videos on TikTok generating millions of views. I know I spend too much time on my phone, and I’m sure millions of people could agree. But, this makes social media the perfect place for companies to advertise. Establishing brand deals with influencers is one of the most effective ways for companies to do this. 

Companies have the ability to gain a ton of exposure from influencers. While some of their posts might be paid brand deals, a lot of them are just creators showing off products they like, giving the company free exposure to their audience. An influencer may show their daily routine and rave about a certain product they love, leading many members of their audience to purchase that product. This is a leg up from any other form of ad, as the audience already knows and trusts this influencer. 

On top of that, a brand can measure every step in the sales process from the first exposure on an influencer page to the final sale in an online shopping cart. TV ads are effective for exposure, but don’t offer the same level of analytics. These analytics can really help companies with picking which influencers to continue working with and allows them to know just how much influencer marketing is working.

Millions of people scroll through TikTok every single day and are constantly being exposed to new products. Lately, a lot more time is spent on social media than watching TV; and even when people are watching TV, it is often on streaming services with no ads or they are scrolling through their phones while watching. 

Most brands have adopted influencer marketing in some way. It is an incredibly effective way to build brand recognition and generate sales. I can only see this type of marketing continuing to grow, and see past types start to gradually decrease. Companies are wanting to put much more of their advertising budget into this marketing, and for good reason; Alix Earle’s brand deals can prove this.