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Launched: Seneca Lake Wine Trail

In early January, Creagent Marketing launched a new "interim" website for the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. The organization's old website could no longer be updated and its content was out of date. Below is a screen shot of the old website: Without the proper amount of...

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What’s Happening to Social Media?

Social media began in chat rooms and email chains. In most households, it started with dial-up access to services like AOL, each with its own built-in community. The idea that an individual could connect with someone else on the other side of the country, or the...

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The Power of Pokémon GO

Love it or hate it, it looks like Pokémon GO's here to stay. The augmented reality game has become a viral sensation - dominating social media conversations, surpassing Twitter in daily users and sending Nintendo stock through the roof (at the cool tune of about $7...

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